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Custom Moulding for Renovations and New Home Builds

Moulding and trim are the exciting finishing elements that balance your home design and complete the picture. We manufacture and supply paint and stain-grade moulding to match any architectural style, including crown moulding, casings, baseboards, and panel moulding. We are able to produce long lengths in our custom millwork shop in a variety of available wood species.


Paint-grade moulding


Stain-grade moulding


Crown moulding


Casings for doors and windows


Window liners


Baseboard moulding

Casement Windows

Large energy-efficient glass windows are trending in the Okanagan, and we can build casements around the windows to make this feature stand out in your home. Casement windows offer superior functionality and construction over sash windows. Chat with us about designing and manufacturing a custom appearance to match your home, using quality wood for a natural grain appearance or paintable for any colour.

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We pride ourselves on having an experienced eye for details and strive to be meticulous in doing the very best work for the residential homeowners we work for. Whether your construction project demands accurate reconstructions in vintage styles, or you need moulding and trim for your new home build, we invite you to call us to discuss your options.

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